CloudSim Plus

A modern, full-featured, highly extensible and easier-to-use Java 8+ Framework for Modeling and Simulation of Cloud Computing Infrastructures and Services

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CloudSim Plus Examples

This module contains the old CloudSim examples, that were updated to use CloudSim Plus and went through refactoring, re-organization and documentation update. Several new CloudSim Plus examples for exclusive features are available into the org.cloudsimplus.examples package. They have more meaningful names, making it easier to get an overview of what an example is about, before even opening it.

To get started you can check the, which shows the minimum code required to build cloud simulations using CloudSim Plus. The example places all the required code inside the main() method just for convenience, making it easier for new users to understand the code.

However, that code is not reusable. If you try to build simulations that way, you’ll end up with a messy and duplicated code. Therefore, after you understood how to build basic simulations, you may want to try checking the It’s a structured and reusable code that gives a picture of the best ways to write your simulations.